thank the wind

thank the wind she said,

give you the clouds in funny shapes it does!

some days those colorful lines come from one end of the beach and stretch all the way down to the swash

it’s a funny way the wind blows

never the mind it has as it whispers across the crests of little bumps on the bay,

the long one can’t seem to let any size in these days so travel is required

so we wander along the stretch of a line that kings once took

venture through the folly and flow into the inlet

the bumpy crests are defined she said

lines appear along the edge of our playground

it is ours because we are playing right now

come in and it will be yours, she said

she don’t care who plays, just someone play and dance

younger, they like to jump and toss buckets, but

those who have been here awhile just dance…..

backwards, forwards, some on one and others hanging toes

so once again she says, thank the wind.

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