There will be turkey

A few weeks ago someone I had worked with called to see if I could come back and help out on "Black Friday".  To be honest, I really didn't want to but I have not been bringing home the bacon lately so I swallowed my pride and worked for 9 hours during the busiest shopping day in the U.S..  I had all these horrible expectations of how it would be and of course I had made this far worse than it really would be!!  After getting settled in again, I realized I had made it out to be awful when it was just a part-time gig and I'll be gone tomorrow.  So, during my lunch break I wandered around the market and took some shots.  It was fun to do a little people watching.  These people were loaded on turkey cause they all looked like like they had been up all night and were about to pass out.  All to save a buck or two on a sweater or tie their significant other will probably never wear!! 

Of course, one day was enough and I ran to the surf shop the very next day for some serenity!!!  A little QT with Jordan always does me good... as she got to play with the fisheye!!!

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