small wave heavy wind

We have had a little wave here the last two days and today seemed like a good time to test out a 2X teleconverter with the sigma 18-200mm.  I sat a little further back up on the dunes and seemed to get used to it as the boys were catching punchy little waves.


sunrise at the dunes

I'm out and about today with k-7 just popping shots from MB southward.....don't know how far south I'm headed.....maybe Chas., just don't know


Surfrider's lip rippin' Chili-lympics

What a great turnout on a beautiful South Carolina day!!!  Ton's of people and lots of good friends for a great cause!!  Music came in the form of the Noserider's, Strike-o-matics, and a couple of others.  I missed the first and last acts.  enjoy......   Surfrider slideshow


Wooden Boat Show #2

Ok, so I actually got around to processing the pics.  I had accidently hit my raw button on the camera and all pics were in raw format which takes a little time to process( the files are huge).  It's late and I'm going to have me some chilli at the Surfriders chillympics tommorrow, so night to you all! enjoy.....Wooden Boat Show slideshow


Wooden Boat Show, Georgetown, SC

So I slept in on Saturday am and then cooked it down to G-Town for the wooden boat show.  Such a great event showcasing some amazing artists and craftsmen.  Plus the stories were great from these guys.  I only got to spend a little time down there but it will be on my calendar for next year!!!  I should maybe set my alarm a little earlier though!!  enjoy........I'll put a link to a slide show of all 200 shots later tonight, gotta go make the donuts!!!



An errand I was taking care of finished up early and I took a quick drive down to Murrels Inlet for a sunset walk.  enjoy........


fun with the K-7

Yesterday was a work in progress.  I have to say I took alot of shots with this new camera and only a handful were keepers.  Mainly because I didn't do to much reading on all that this camera has to offer and setting up for all the surf shots.  Today I played around with the toy and fisheye filters and spent a little more time on the right settings for light, etc.  Can't wait to have more fun with it and really produce some great shots.  I also rediscovered  I have a great lens in my old 35-105mm.