you say you're gonna paddle into that?

if you did not know, I also work at a local eatery from time to time and a guest last night posed this question to me as we were talking about my escapades in the water and how excited I was that a storm was in our region. not wishing any storm to make landfall but only produce some swell, he just did not understand how someone would paddle into rough water, a golfer, I had to ask him how he feels when hits that sweet spot and the ball just flys down the fairway and explain I get that same feeling riding a 6 foot glassy wall of a left hand swell!   hopefully we'll have some swell in our driving distance all week!
have some flowers!!!!


some waves please!!!

Looks like we here in the southeast antlantic coast may actually have waves coming this weekend and into next week.danielle


walk along the Blvd.

                                                                                                                                                                             cool couple making flowers out of palm froms down on the Blvd. 

rickshaws along the redneck riviera?

R.E.M. I remember California (Live)

to the edge of the continent............