Sunset Beach

Off all day today and took a little trip up north for the sunset in North Carolina.  I also swung by the Sunset River gallery in Calabash and may start showing work with them.  A beautiful day, even though it's starting to cool off here.  Met some really cool people at both the gallery and in and around Sunset this evening.  We live in such a great area and have so many neat people around all the time.  enjoy......


Dear and Yonder - Surf Movie Trailer

     We didn't get the waves like the forecasts had hoped so I thought a few beauties would suffice.  enjoy.......


coming waves

Looks like all the forecasts are holding and we along the Carolinas will have some waves this weekend.  Get out there if you can, I'll be the one on a big Hobie gliding along like my friend here!!!


Wilmington and beyond

I drove up to Wilmington, NC today before a little trip further north to pick up a nice Peter Pan Slug from a new friend.  I had a few hours to kill before meeting my new log and walked around the downtown area of Wilmington.  It's such a cool vibe down there and always fun to shoot.   I'm sure I'll post some pics of the board later but these are mostly of Wilmington, just doing the walk around and then a couple from Topsail Island sunset.  enjoy......


a little slideshow of Friday evening session

I definitely need to be in the water this weekend!!!!  Although not as big or lined like Thursday evening, this little swell looked like alot of fun.  Click on the post heading for the slideshow


November swell

Looks like we are going to have a little wave for a few days through the weekend.  Of course I missed it last night, heard it was fast glass peeling both right and left with about waist to chest size.  Like usual, we only have a quick window of rideable surf here so spread out this weekend and smile for the camera.


brightness on a rainy day

So I have acummulated some windows to paint.  Well it started as one for a client but I got carried away and got six plus a glass door.  I'm in production mode today......


Andy Irons - i surf because short film

  Just a huge loss to the surf community.  A great surfer, waterman  and  fierce competitor... took time away from the tour to look over his life and rediscovered his love of the sea.  Please remember the Irons family in your thoughts and prayers as they trudge through this time of grief.