Drew's sketching out the mural

Day 2 of Drew Brophy's mural.  He's going strong with work on the major figures in the mural by sketching them out on the 60 foot wall.  It is wild to see this blank wall being transformed into a work of art!!!  If you have the opportunity over the weekend swing by Lulu's Diner to catch this process.  Very cool!!  enjoy.......


Drew's mural

Hi again,
Getting the opportunity for the next few days to shoot an artist in action!!  Drew Brophy grew up here in M.B. and renowned as an great surf artist.  His work can be found all over the world and on thousands of surfboards, skateboards and all kinds of other cool stuff.  He's here on a working vacation visiting his family.  Commissioned by Lulu's Diner on Ocean Blvd. just past 21st Ave., he's creating a 60 foot mural that will encompass all kinds of beachy stuff but in his own cool style.  I myself love getting to see the whole process from the gridlines to final paint details come to fruition.  Plus Drew is a pretty cool cat that I admire.  Below is a few from today with Drew, his Dad Tom, son Dylan, and wife Maria all getting in on the action.   enjoy........


a little love for Reid

I love this man, he's a stand up guy with a powerful hack on water!!!  I'm proud to call him a friend and love seeing him in the water!! Keep going strong bruddha!!!  enjoy.....


pepper's for Dad

In the past I've done some pics of pepper's and such.  My Dad loves one reverse b/w I did a few years back.  He's always asking me if I've done more of them.  The surf pics don't usually look to good this way, hah!  It's been raining here for what seems forty days and nights now and I had to get out in the weather just to see if my camera still worked.  Who knows, maybe Dad will get some more reverse peppers sometime this year!!!!  enjoy..........


maybe some swellage

So the summer has been pretty worse than usual for the Carolina's but we are seeing some storms forming in the Atlantic and off Africa.  Maybe we'll have a nice hurricane season with plenty o' swell and no damage to the mainland.  Keep your eyes on the forecasts and I'll keep posting some pics.


the Olympics

I love this time of the year.  All though it's only every four years that I get to see and share with all of you.  Of course I'm talking 'bout the 'lympics.  How often do you see guys and girls from all walks of life, that have given so much of their personal and or professional life to compete for their country.  As almost all are amatuer.   I mean really, how many of us are really committed to a sport or talented enough to be selected and still feel the need to represent those you live with on such a scale.  Some friends of mine and I could  not imagine being the only person representing your country.  We watched these games with first a little dismay, but were drawn in each day as the drama, excitement, and hope ensued.  I love the games of the Olympics.  They make strive for more from myself.  They make see the better in all of you.  Through the sportmanship, the shear desire to see all succeed!!!


sun up with Bugs

A bright sunrise this morning, not much for clouds except out on the horizon.  I see bugs bunny just about each morning as I'm leaving the beach, but this morning he got up early and met me as I was walking down.  enjoy.......