memorial day surf

I managed to get down to the beach before all the crowds.  Plopped myself down right on the steps of the access and shot a few of the boys slipping and sliding through the sloppy little swell we have left over from Beryl.  Maybe later this week we'll have some cleaner stuff to ride.  enjoy.......


Memorial on 65th

I've finally got out with my broke foot and took some shots of da boys in the water.  Won't know anything more about my foot til Tuesday when I see my orthopedic.  Hopefully I've been doing all the right things and can get this soft cast traded for something a little mo' betta!!

cya soon! enjoy...........


just another day on the grand strand, but had some fun with the Rugby Club and their first anual Cinco de Mayo Tourney.  Great fun with the guys from Cape Fear, Southern Pines and all the other clubs.
Definitely more to follow!!!!