thank the wind

thank the wind she said,

give you the clouds in funny shapes it does!

some days those colorful lines come from one end of the beach and stretch all the way down to the swash

it’s a funny way the wind blows

never the mind it has as it whispers across the crests of little bumps on the bay,

the long one can’t seem to let any size in these days so travel is required

so we wander along the stretch of a line that kings once took

venture through the folly and flow into the inlet

the bumpy crests are defined she said

lines appear along the edge of our playground

it is ours because we are playing right now

come in and it will be yours, she said

she don’t care who plays, just someone play and dance

younger, they like to jump and toss buckets, but

those who have been here awhile just dance…..

backwards, forwards, some on one and others hanging toes

so once again she says, thank the wind.

Kings Mountain


A day in the life.......

Wakey, wakey with a little cup o' java.  Stretchy, a little good day reading.  Phone interview w/ a retailer coming to the area(possible job!!!!).  Have lunch with a friend (possibly his last holiday), that part made the day.  Then up to the shop for some pics of Gary and Mark working.  Spending the afternoon w/ Jordan!!!!  More good stuff.  Dinner w/ the best parts of my family unit........ not too bad for a guy like me!


wandering through the brush

So a few weeks back I made a trip around the west side of the waterway.  I was looking for some wildflowers I had seen earlier in the week but found this broken shed instead.  It was an even trade because it brought back memories of doing trail runs through the woods around hwy. 90 nineteen years earlier.  enjoy......


bella cello

My daughter plays the cello, and tonight was her last concert with her high school orchestra.  She's on to piano now!!   enjoy....

sunrise 12/16/09

I had the great pleasure of seeing another sunrise on Wednesday.  enjoy........


nothing but flowers

"Years ago, I was an angry young man, I'd pretend that I was a billboard, standing tall, by the side of the road, I fell in love with a beautiful highway"

Today was Talking Heads day.  I listened to good ol'e Mr. Byrne and his cohorts for a while, got motivated to do some pics and even caught a really nice swell.  Water's getting cold though. 
I'm not sure if I'll be going out in the water anymore before spring, the old bones don't like the cold H2O!!  anyway.... enjoy....


the shaper

I got to hang out with a local shaper last week and took a bunch of shots.  It was really cool to watch him at work on a new board for someone.  Something I haven't done in quite some time.  A true craftsman from working in tight spaces to "rigging" something to make a certain shape for the customer.  I'm looking forward to getting some more time with him over the course of the winter here.  enjoy


Waves today!!!!

Today we were finally getting a swell here in the redneck riviera.  Seems like each year, I'm still donning my 3/2 with botties the first week of december and well, it has kind'a become a tradition.  Heavy rains helped calm the sea down some and we had a nice evening session with some chest to head-high sets rolling in.  I've also been taking some shots of a local shaper at work in preparation for a possible book on the regions surf culture including some of the older shops, surfers, shapers, and just the whole motley crew!  Stay tuned for more stuff on this.  enjoy!


There will be turkey

A few weeks ago someone I had worked with called to see if I could come back and help out on "Black Friday".  To be honest, I really didn't want to but I have not been bringing home the bacon lately so I swallowed my pride and worked for 9 hours during the busiest shopping day in the U.S..  I had all these horrible expectations of how it would be and of course I had made this far worse than it really would be!!  After getting settled in again, I realized I had made it out to be awful when it was just a part-time gig and I'll be gone tomorrow.  So, during my lunch break I wandered around the market and took some shots.  It was fun to do a little people watching.  These people were loaded on turkey cause they all looked like like they had been up all night and were about to pass out.  All to save a buck or two on a sweater or tie their significant other will probably never wear!! 

Of course, one day was enough and I ran to the surf shop the very next day for some serenity!!!  A little QT with Jordan always does me good... as she got to play with the fisheye!!!