A few from some past trips.  I kind of like them!!  Hope you do too!!!  See ya soon!!! enjoy.......


Monday Funday

I'm off from the restaurant for two days and got a great wake up call.  Clean glassy waist high waves this morning and sorry but no shots as I surfed for two hours straight.  Went back down at 4 and found few in the water so I shot until the rain squall came in.  The camera and lens have weather seals but I don't!!  Got home and  dropped a lens getting out of the car.  Thank god the these baby's are tough!!!  enjoy......


Lunch with Jordan

I had lunch with my daughter today after her classes.  We took a little trip down to Atalaya to wander around and just hang out as we don't get to much these days.  Got rained on down south, so we didn't spend a whole lotta time at Atalaya.  Slowly we made our way back to Myrtle and went our seperate ways; she to shop with friends, me to catch some slippy little waves.  All in all, a really cool day for a beach bum!! enjoy....



'Being human means we'll have hard times along with pleasant ones. Whether with friends, at school, or at home, we'll find reasons for sadness or anger as easily as for laughter. In every part of our lives, we're offered just what we need for growth.'

'Being the best we know how to be doesn't mean we'll escape confusion or pain. Through the troubling times we learn to trust in a Higher Power; we learn patience; we learn to let go and let God decide outcomes. The troubling times offer us growth and serenity, our keys to happiness.'

I thought this was a nice passage for today......


Two days in the Pirates House

Well back at the good old MB!!  Spent two days up n Surf City with M.A., and Lance and we caught it fun!!!  Although not the crunchy barreling monsters we had back during Katia, these were lined up chest high streamers that gave you alot of wall.  Such a cool beach town too!!!  I never knew good old Blackbeard hung here in his day!!  Thought he was always hiding out up on Ocracoke.  Just a great break for me to get away to just surf and hang with good friends.  Oh yeah check out ESM for Katia pics, very seldom do we get this much coverage during a swell!!! ESM Katia part two

Surf City surf trip


Surf City does Surf City

Well in the wee hours this morning Mark, Lance , Kelly and I made our way to Surf City, aka Topsail Island.  We found some beautiful chest, even head high sets and long lines.  No death barrels for us today!!!  No link because I surfed way more than shot but there are a few little pics here for ya!!  Probably gonna make it back in the am before the restaraunt starts telling me my services are no longer required! HA!  enjoy.....


Katia's bowl of leftovers

I rode back up to Carolina Beach, last Friday am for a little longboard leftovers from Katia.  She just kept on giving us swell!!!  There were chest high glassy nuggets coming in when we got there right after sunrise and it didn't die off til around noon.  Needless to say me and the boys from Surf City Surf shop had some fun riding everything from mini simmons to longboard.  I did get out and take some pics as well!!! Looks like me and some of the Surf City boys will be heading up that way or a little further again tomorrow.   enjoy.......     Katia gallery