Lulu's Fun Paddle /race

Very doubtful this was ever gonna be a race but it was alot of fun for all at the boathouse here in Myrtle Beach.  Drew Brophy is here doing a mural for Lulu's Cafe who also own the Boathouse on the waterway.  He gave a informal talk about SUP's on different settings other than riding waves.  Like going down the Snake or Colorado rivers.  Got everyone amped up and the paddle began.  Ryan from Surf City Surf Shop actually won but everyone had a blast seeing parts of the waterway they usually don't get to.  enjoy.......


Drew's mural getting done

So Drew took some much needed time off to recharge and should be finishing up today.  It has been really cool to see this thing go from a blank wall to this huge mural!!  You can check out Drew's site here for more info about his adventures and projects..... http://drewbrophy.com/

Also digitel myrtle beach has a nice video of him including a time lapse of the mural process here drew's mural the digitel myrtle beach

He's had local media coverage throughout the process and nice write ups in both the Sun News and an upcoming Myrtle Beach Herald.  Nice to see an artist getting coverage of something they love to do!!  enjoy.......


goofing off

Tried to shoot some pics of the boys in the water but was more interested in the crab!!! ha!!


Lulu's mural getting close

I've been working on some other things this week and haven't been shooting Drew and his work on the mural for a couple of days.  He's going at it and creating an amazing piece for all of us here Myrtle to enjoy!!!  Busy at work adding more detail to the mural he and his apprentice, Ian Orsos, are hard at it.  He'll be finishing the piece up these next few days and as he puts it "going surfing".  Hopefully I'll get some shots of him in the water.  We'll see, maybe Sunday.  enjoy........


Weekend at Lulu's

I've spent the last few days with Drew Brophy while he's been working on a 60ft. mural for Lulu's Cafe here in Myrtle.  It has been amazing to see this blank wall change into a bright colored peice of surf art!! His family has been there every step of the way giving him support and water through the hot days.  No hiding from the sun when you're painting.  All his old friends have been stopping by for support and amazment over the sheer size and cool design!!  I had the opportunity to grow up here at the beach with Drew and all our cove kooks and it's been great to see all come out for this.  The past two days Drew has taken on some assistance with work in the hands of Ian Orsos, a great kid and aspiring artist himself!!  Drew will be doing alot of detail work all this coming week to finish up by or on Saturday.  Keep checking back for more on the mural as the week goes along, of course unless you're in the water for the swell we should be getting this.  I know Drew will be hitting the water too!! I'll have a slideshow of the weekend coming in the days ahead.     Lulu's Mural enjoy........