Weekend at Lulu's

I've spent the last few days with Drew Brophy while he's been working on a 60ft. mural for Lulu's Cafe here in Myrtle.  It has been amazing to see this blank wall change into a bright colored peice of surf art!! His family has been there every step of the way giving him support and water through the hot days.  No hiding from the sun when you're painting.  All his old friends have been stopping by for support and amazment over the sheer size and cool design!!  I had the opportunity to grow up here at the beach with Drew and all our cove kooks and it's been great to see all come out for this.  The past two days Drew has taken on some assistance with work in the hands of Ian Orsos, a great kid and aspiring artist himself!!  Drew will be doing alot of detail work all this coming week to finish up by or on Saturday.  Keep checking back for more on the mural as the week goes along, of course unless you're in the water for the swell we should be getting this.  I know Drew will be hitting the water too!! I'll have a slideshow of the weekend coming in the days ahead.     Lulu's Mural enjoy........

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