new cameras

I've had this yashica rangefinder for a while now and it's a lot of fun to shoot some film and get some classic shots.  I'm also getting a new k-7 this week so the upgrade is coming along.  A few new lens in the future, mostly primes and a nice bigma coming for christmas if I'm good.  I'm super stoked for the k-7, it's weather-sealed and fast exposure should be fun for some great surf shots and still give me all the tools to make some great shots from these beautiful Carolinas.


new blog template

Hello all,
Gimme a little feedback on how you like this template.  I got tired of playing in photoshop and decided to try something new.
Thanks, greg


Earl, Igor Sept. Sessions, plus various foamy scenes from flickr

I've said it alot lately but we've had a great little month long run of rideable surf here in the Carolina's.  It's definitely gonna take a little time to go through everything on the cards and a bunch have been sent to all mags. too for hurricane coverage.  Give me a yell if you know a wave rider or need some pics for yourself or sponsors.  These below are some keepers from MB on 9/20...cya in the water or on the beach.....enjoy.......flickr surf slide show


I say I say I say Eye-gorgeous

We've had a pretty nice run the last month with Earl giving us epic swell two weeks ago and now Igor pushing through for these past couple of days.  Up early each morning for a little stretch and coffee, then off to Carolina, Holden, Ocean Isle beaches is great!  Just having a little longer to get used to my flying eyeball....I spent a little too much time on the longboard this summer.  More to come....enjoy......

chasing Igor, or as Eye-gor would say..."what hump?"


Earl in Ocean Isle

The surf city crew and I made the pre-dawn trek to OIB on 9/2 and found easy 6 to 8 foot clean faces with drifty conditions.  The swell kept building as the morning went on but after 12 it hit hyperdive and by high tide became a little too sketchy for anyone.  Blair, Lance, I, and one other guy were the only guys out and after 2 or 3 waves had drifted about a mile down the beach.  It was a long walk with longboard in the wind.  The last 2 pics are from Sunset later in the day.  Earl was exactly as forcasted, I have 2 halves of a longboard to show.


Hello Earl

So we awoke to extreme flatness this morning but as you can see by 9:30am we already begun to see chest high sets.  The tide and wind weren't exactly cooperating with each other and finding a shoulder was hard as the morning went on.  Should be up again tomorrow or further north.

Storm Riders

just a little something to get the juices flowing for the upcoming swell!!!!