Pentax k100D super; f/5.6; 1/125 sec.; sigma 18-200mm macro.

After the car club on Saturday, I took a walk down through my beach.  There is a spot, unfortunately surrounded by two high rise hotels that was near the break I surfed as a kid.  The swash that flows out to the ocean has a really quiet feel to it and is nice to go up to the dunes and just relax. 


cool cars on a cool cloudy day

I have always really liked classic cars.  It could from Grandma driving my sister and I around the beach in her Gi-normous old buick wagon when we were kids.  I know I was little but that thing was the size of a tank and probably had some steel from WWII.  This went on to me learning to drive in a Volkswagon Squareback and then actually owing a 3 speed Bettle with the automatic clutch.  Man that was fun to drive as I was consuming mass quantiies of beverages back then.  I lived in Kansas when my daughter was born and while there I actually owned a great '62 Ford Pickup with three on the tree.  Funny though, at the time I could nopt drive so my ex's father kept it on his farm for me.  I loved driving that thing around his 40 acres chasing the cattle and mules. Hahahaha!!!  The lines and the chrome are still what gets me today and well a local car club was having their weeking get-together near my house and it was a nice cloudy cool Saturday.  Just the right light and cool stories to with the cars.  enjoy....


surfalicious November

I have been surfing since I was 12, with a few detours through the years, mostly because I have been a screw-up and not appreciated what I had. Always looking out the window and never admiring the living room. Any way, I've been back into the waves as full on obsessional hobbie for about 4 years now. This with the new passion for photography are starting to come together. Enjoy......


graceful is your love shining upon my face

so much the brighter with all the mirrors of waves

the night clouds begin their fade into a pearly mix
of orange, yellow, and violet

yet I wait alone and time is just

the breeze will slowly pick up
the schedule of how and when, no concern
oh the cool comfort of your touch
surrounds me and I am not alone


Global Awareness Project Nov. Show

What a great show this was!! 75 artists participated and we had 175 kids come for workshops. Looking forward to the next show in March.


new painting- spring tide

So I have been participating in Global Awareness Projects artwalks and shows since March. Last night and tonight we are showing at a night club in Myrtle Beach. Today we had 175 kids from a local school for 4 workshops ranging from Improv to Painting and it was a wild experience to see all these kids from so many different walks of life to create in their own individual way. Spring Tide was done especially for this show.