cool cars on a cool cloudy day

I have always really liked classic cars.  It could from Grandma driving my sister and I around the beach in her Gi-normous old buick wagon when we were kids.  I know I was little but that thing was the size of a tank and probably had some steel from WWII.  This went on to me learning to drive in a Volkswagon Squareback and then actually owing a 3 speed Bettle with the automatic clutch.  Man that was fun to drive as I was consuming mass quantiies of beverages back then.  I lived in Kansas when my daughter was born and while there I actually owned a great '62 Ford Pickup with three on the tree.  Funny though, at the time I could nopt drive so my ex's father kept it on his farm for me.  I loved driving that thing around his 40 acres chasing the cattle and mules. Hahahaha!!!  The lines and the chrome are still what gets me today and well a local car club was having their weeking get-together near my house and it was a nice cloudy cool Saturday.  Just the right light and cool stories to with the cars.  enjoy....

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