just something I came across this past week while wandering around Holden Beach, NC


Remembering Hopper

Artists like Hopper have always had an influence on me with the way they were never tied down to one form of creativity........thanks Dennis


2 days later

Two days after my first bout of surfalotatoomuchitus....I found this little gem....gotta love water, wood, and a little lens flare


be Holden.....

found this little green friend by the north inlet in Holden Beach, NC.....guy in the hat, well, I dunno! kind of a letdown for Holden, but MB had fun semi-clean chest high sets when I got back home!!!


GAP's Taste of five points fundraiser

Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to take part in GAP's different art shows/ fundraiser's.  They have all been succesful in showing that Myrtle Beach is more than just the "redneck riviera" and does have an artscene. Global Awareness Project had their spring fling called a Taste of Five Points downtown l.  It was a great night in a spot called Drink!  Another awesome turnout and support for GAP's ongoing projects to create awareness and promote different non-profits from the area.
                                                                           flickr slideshow of event