snow day

Winter greetings from Kings Mountain.  We have had a snow day here in the carolinas and I took a quick trip up to celebrate my Mamaw's 99th b-day!!!  Hope everyone out there has had a great holiday season.  Get ready for 2011, it should be a great year for us all!!!


Happy Christmas!!!!

Just a few pics left over from the trip to Seattle to celebrate the holidays!!  merry christmas to all!!!! 



from the big green city!!!

Just a great trip to Seattle!  Just a great city with great people and lots of fun food, and stuff to do!!  I hope to return soon. 



This just said winter to me.  Taken this past week on a great visit to my sister in Seattle.  Could also be the fact that it is frigging 25 degrees outside and I'm in Myrtle Beach wondering why it is so cold!!!!


Mt. Fuji

Seattle has been really cool so far!!!!  I've just been wandering throughout the downtown area the first of the week.  While usually this is not the best time of the year to visit, yesterday the sun came out after a morning thunderstorm.  And as I heard from talking to people during the day, lightning and big booming storms are kind of unusual.  It was over by 9am and I headed out to take in the sun.   I'll be posting most of the photos once I get home next week as I didn't bring a laptop and am borrowing my sister's every once in a while.  enjoy.........


and now the emerald city

Yes, after some 36 hours of travel and visits with my Grandma (going on 99) who is still picking up guys at the senior center I made it to Seattle and get to wander through the town whilst the sibling works the first half of the week.  Such a cool town, really looking forward to the week.   Have no idea where or what I'll be doing other than checking out a couple of galleries, doing the shutterbug thing, so lots of shots coming. 


Head west young man

I haven't posted anything in a while.  Mostly procrastination but have actually been working some too.  I imagine this will be the last post before my trip to Seattle so enjoy the sunset.  I'm trying to decide on how many lens to take.  Supposedly, I'll have free time to wander around the green west....who knows.