a few more from Holden Beach

Well Irene has come and gone and headed to the big apple now, but I have a few more from Holden for ya!


Come on Irene

Irene has gotten closer and closer to us here in the Carolinas and hasn't dissapointed these past two days.  She's a big girl with a big push!!  Lots of water moving around up in Holden today as well as OIB.  Got some nice ones from the pier in Holden and then we went out in OIB.  Came back to MB and thought the squalls had really began to move in on us but Irene let up for a while and gave us great speedy lines for all to enjoy!!!  Picuteres below are of both MB and Holden today and there's a slideshow link for flickr too!  Have fun be safe and enjoy...... Irene days 1 and 2 slideshow


Irene in Ocean Isle

Made the trip up to OIB with Lance this morning and then back this afternoon.  Swell was reallly beginning to fill in and the morning session was my fav, although the afternoon was still about the same but the tide and wind made for tricky lines.  Sorry no footage of the am session as I was in the water the whole time and didn't shoot til we were leaving.  The waves were fun and hopefully we'll have a little of the same maybe for the am tomorrow.  enjoy......


Irene coming along

So Irene seems to be heading more nor-east now and we're glad here in Myrtle.  Sorry 'bout your luck OBX and above north, know you don't need that kind of attention from mother nature!!  I went down to 64th just to shoot a little beach action before going to work tonight and there's a little swell starting to creep in.  The wind has let up some and switched more to side/off shore.  As you'll see there was more action on the sand than in the water. enjoy.......


Irene where ya gonna be

Irene has some things in her favor of becoming a cat. 3 storm.  First off there's a lot of very warm water to help strengthen and a wobbly bermuda high as well as some upper levels that are kind of creating a alley way with the northern coastline of South carolina at the center.  Please remember that storms like this have a lot of run-up water before an actual storm surge.  Ok, now for surf..... well...maybe Friday but don't expect anything come Saturday unless you wanna get tossed around in 20foot victory at sea conditions.  Winds are increasing from Thursday on through Sunday and will probably top out at a nasty 100 mph or higher.  Don't be stupid!  http://www.hurricanetrack.com/

Tropical Depression Eight


Saturday in the park

Swell came in this morning and we had a blast!  Thigh to waist with an occasional low tummy size wave providing some fun.  My buddy Chad and I had it all to ourselves for about an hour before alot of peoples came out.  This is the reason for only a couple of shots.  Probably get it again tomorrow.  enjoy....