it's all downhill from here

I spend most of my days painting or a little photography.  Wednesdays are always the top of my roller coaster week, meaning it's all downhill from here.  Lot's of little paintings come out of the woodwork by this day and the rest of the week is just gliding into serenity!!!! enjoy.......


cool rides

So I am getting some photos ready for some up-coming shows and just had to post a few here.  As you can see classic cars and surf /lifestyle will be in the shows.  Should be a whole lotta' fun as both shows will be at festivals coming in the next month.  enjoy......


surf on Sunday

 We had some windswell action on Sunday morning here in MB.  The boys made the waves look a little better than it actually was.  Blair Wheeler, Addison Miles and a few others were out having fun in the sunny windblown surf.  enjoy.......


Run to the Sun Car Show

Another beautiful spring day here in the Carolina's and this weekend we have about 2500 classic cars at the old myrtle square mall location right in the middle of good ole Myrtle Beach!!!  Here's a few be fore I head to the fish for a little servitude for the tourons!!!


Surf City Surf Shop

I have been helping the guys at surf city get ready for their new shop.  Basically, whenever I've had free time I've just shown up to help out.  I also have done a little mural for one of the dressing rooms.  These guys have been around the Grandstrand now for some 30 odd years!  Wow, where does the time go?  I worked for Mark back in the late "80's and now my daughter has worked for him the past few years.  Anyway, here's a few pics of the mural and a link to the shops website and blog   http://surfcitymb.blogspot.com/


new work


Let me take you through a usual day.  I wake kind of early,  around 6, make a pot of coffee and read, then stretch and read a little more.  All the while loading up on coffee.  I'll check the waves up north and around here and decide if I wanna go shoot some pics or struggle with the rubber and actually go out. Hint, I don't LIKE putting on a wetsuit, so that is almost always a last resort!  After a couple of hours of stretching, reading, and so on, I"ll have a little walk around the beach.  Get back home and begin the process of a new painting.  This involves alot of decisions on what size, medium, paper or canvas, you get the idea.  By lunchtime I've almost always got something going and begin working through your usual lunchtime and after a few hours of drawing, painting, and so forth hunger usually takes over and I have a PBJ.  Mid afternoon comes and I have to begin winding down in order to get ready for my evening job, unless I have that night off, then I will just keep going and completely lose track of time, not eat, and work on a few paintings at once.  I do this because the winter waves are few and far between and like I said, I DO NOT LIKE WETSUITS.  Thus is the life of a beach bum...........

sound beach