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Let me take you through a usual day.  I wake kind of early,  around 6, make a pot of coffee and read, then stretch and read a little more.  All the while loading up on coffee.  I'll check the waves up north and around here and decide if I wanna go shoot some pics or struggle with the rubber and actually go out. Hint, I don't LIKE putting on a wetsuit, so that is almost always a last resort!  After a couple of hours of stretching, reading, and so on, I"ll have a little walk around the beach.  Get back home and begin the process of a new painting.  This involves alot of decisions on what size, medium, paper or canvas, you get the idea.  By lunchtime I've almost always got something going and begin working through your usual lunchtime and after a few hours of drawing, painting, and so forth hunger usually takes over and I have a PBJ.  Mid afternoon comes and I have to begin winding down in order to get ready for my evening job, unless I have that night off, then I will just keep going and completely lose track of time, not eat, and work on a few paintings at once.  I do this because the winter waves are few and far between and like I said, I DO NOT LIKE WETSUITS.  Thus is the life of a beach bum...........

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