more waves

I was cold, wet and wind blown.  And I didn't even catch a wave!!!  Took some shots earlier in the am but wrong lens, windy blur action and hardly any were keepers.  I was pissed and didn't even want to go  back down when someone called.  I did, but only for a few, enjoy.......



so Roberts rider Blair Wheeler wanted to do some funky paint job on his new Dill. I was more than happy to give him my paints to have at it!!! enjoy.......



So we've had some waves today!!!  It's been a pretty dismal winter here in the Carolina's and I don't think anyone expected anything today but what a surprise.  Nice little thigh to waist little lines for about 2 hours this morning before high tide got on it.  It's possible for a few days more but the wind will have to cooperate for sure.  Keep your fingers crossed and pray for surf.  I've got the spring fever and am ready to get on the log for some tip time myself.  With only the log available for me to ride I'll be paddling around soon on anything.  The camera, however, will be with me as usual.  Enjoy... pick up a little after your session and waves will appear.



I made the quick trip down to Huntington today just to get some shots of the marsh, plus did a nice walk through the trails.  Spring is coming!!!  Yeah!!!!  enjoy.......


brights for a gloomy day

We've had some gray gloomy days here in SC for a while and I was need of some bright colors.