the Olympics

I love this time of the year.  All though it's only every four years that I get to see and share with all of you.  Of course I'm talking 'bout the 'lympics.  How often do you see guys and girls from all walks of life, that have given so much of their personal and or professional life to compete for their country.  As almost all are amatuer.   I mean really, how many of us are really committed to a sport or talented enough to be selected and still feel the need to represent those you live with on such a scale.  Some friends of mine and I could  not imagine being the only person representing your country.  We watched these games with first a little dismay, but were drawn in each day as the drama, excitement, and hope ensued.  I love the games of the Olympics.  They make strive for more from myself.  They make see the better in all of you.  Through the sportmanship, the shear desire to see all succeed!!!

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