Wooden Gliders, Yaks, and High Gloss

One of the great things about the Wooden Boat Show is the amazing work done by craftsmen from all walks of life.  These boats aren't just for the older set!!!  Men like Scott Baumberger and Scott Visbaras create beautiful wooden surfboards.  Really cool gold-leaf signage being done by Stephen Filarsky.  Chip King and others are restoring or replicating classics from Chris-Craft and others.  Then original canoes and rowboats are coming from Don Roberts, Mason Cox, and John Martin.  Then comes the sails, teams come together and restore old sloops and such.  enjoy.......
Mason Cox giving the crowd the rundown on his canoe fitted with outriggers

Chip King with his Jericho Loster Skiff

The Penelope as finished by John Martin

the Defiant flat sailer

Scott Visabaras creates amazing wooden surfboards

the Exodus drawing
the Exodus finished

The GoldLeafMan, Stephen Filarsky

Don Roberts canoes are fantastic and so are his paddles

Great little boat from Don Roberts

the canoes are amazing

more pics are at this link- wooden boat gallery

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