Stoke lives

The stoke lives in Myrtle Beach of all places.  What with the red-neck riviera that we live with here!  Some folk feel the need, the need for speed and slippy slidey grainerail wave riding things that propel the body through the effervescent angular wave-like motion of the sea.  You who may not know of these things lead a sheltered life and should all at once go forth and succumb to the sea and all she beckons.  Riding, gliding can be one of the closest feelings you ever get to a higher being.  This blog is taking a different avenue now that summer and waves have appeared.  We'll be keeping you up to date on all the fun and follies of the beach life as well as the waves too!  Fun with the boys on some journeys throughout the area in the next few days and we'll post soon!!! hahahahaha, enjoy........

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