Earth Day

OK, so here's my stump speech for today!!  Please take into account that these are just the ramblings of a beach bum who tries to do the right thing next, not always but still tries.

Most will go through this Friday as usual.  Going through the motions of a long work week and dreaming of their Easter weekend coming up.  Not really thinking of the world around us and how much of an impact we have on our environment.  For every big mac or whopper trees are lost for grazing land.  For every tuna salad sandwich, dolphins or other by-catch have been taken from the sea.  Every day spent on the beach for a family of four ends with approximately one grocery bag of trash.  Rains from storms carry debris and run-off from cities down to the ocean. Ocean currents carry devastation from earthquakes and tsunami's across thousand of miles. Sure, there is a more conscious effort now than some 31 years ago, but is that enough?  Should we be concerned about drastic oil spills in the gulf while we live in the Carolina's?  All of these things through out the world effect each of us where-ever we live.  Here in the Carolina's, we have longer than usual fish-bans on grouper and other species because of Fishermen coming from the gulf to maintain their livelihood.  I believe in progress and every ones desire and right to make a buck.  Just please think about these things today and in the future.  Each of us leave a footprint on everything and everywhere we go.

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